Timeless Italian Living

You value your independence from large brands and you don’t consider yourself a ‘must have’ follower of trendy brands.
You focus on quality and value and appreciate products that give you a sense of uniqueness.
You want to see that your bag is not like any other bag you have ever seen.
You are proud of your ability to find interesting, high quality products.
Your badge of honor is that you find great and valuable products, paying less. While others just follow.
You are modern in your desire and ability to ‘stay in touch’ with what is new and popular

italisan Limited Edition Collection is a series of «drops» available in small quantities for a limited time, on our website and through selected retailers across the country.

You don’t have to choose between extremely expensive designer bags, and meaningless mass produced items: Thanks to a direct-to-consumer model that connects Italian artisans and American women – italisan delivers to your doorsteps handbags that are unique in the design, exclusive in a limited run production AND affordable in the price.