Our Artisans

Italian Crafted


Italian craftsmanship comes from a deep love towards the craft and a deep sense of place. Italian artisans don’t just “make” objects, they love and care for their creations with the deep affection usually reserved to loved ones.

At Italisan, you can find unique, authentic products created by some of Italy’s most skilled and talented artisans. Our collections of one-of-a-kind, ethical and authentic products crafted on the streets of Italy are delivered to your doorstep.   

 Italisan artisans realize that being Italian is their main strength.

Creativity, ethics, and innovation come together in their unique and exceptional products. Italisan artisans’ products are 100% made in Italy. They plan and create their collections in Italy, using an uncompromising selection process to carefully choose materials and supplies.

Italisan artisans sometimes work alone, using only the power of their hands, while others express their creativity and mastery within a more organized business environment. Even when hiring employees, Italisan artisans maintain a family atmosphere and make sure their employees feel valued and included.

Italisan artisans believe that honest work is the ethical foundation on which to run their business. Nothing of value can come out of the exploitation of workers, and Italisan artisans are aware of this. They value the ethical treatments of workers, and have done so for generations.

Love, care, passion, perseverance, and ethics–these are the five pillars on which the Italisan artisans build their business, and that inspire their daily work.

When you buy a product from Italisan artisans, you buy a piece of their history and of their family. Treasure it!