a direct channel to authentic Made in Italy handbags

I love handbags, I always did and I know I always will.

There’s a pure moment of joy that comes from using a new bag for the first time, a moment that we all wish it will last as long as possible.

When I founded italisan I had one purpose in mind: give as many American women as possible the chance to bring back home a piece of true Italian quality.

In a market devalued by faceless imports and mass produced items, quality is often an exclusive of high-hand brands. And let’s face it… Not every one of us can afford them.

Italisan brings back the value of true Italian craftmenship, thanks to unique designs available online at an affordable price.

Italisan is my way to bring closer two countries, my homeland – Italy – and my “soul land”, the United States of America, through the universal language of handbags.

The name itself says it all:

Italy + Artisan = italisan


italisan is a direct channel to authentic Made in Italy handbags for refined American women.

From Italian artisans’ workshops to customers’ doorsteps, at an affordable price.

Italisan would love to share Italian artisans’ italianità, their ability to combine traditions and innovations to create something timeless, tasteful, that brings out the best of everyone, no matter how much things change around us.